Who we are

Travelstonehenge is a recently established agency but the agents we work with in the tourism industry have more than 20 years of experience in this field.
We believe that through travel, people enrich their cultural horizon, become more open to new and more tolerant, get rid of fear of the unknown, gain more confidence in themselves and can even bond with other people by making new and beautiful friends from all around the world.


What you once see and stays in your soul will never be forgotten.

Therefore, regardless of the difficulty of the times we are going through, we consider that we should never give up on holidays, regardless of age, whether we build our own itineraries or call a travel agency for this.
From a holiday we return invigorated, more serene and with a collection of beautiful memories from which we can then nourish our soul for an entire and why not … for a lifetime!

Our main tourist services are the “ready-made” packages, trips or stays. We try to permanently improve this website taking into account the suggestions received from you.

About US 1

“An image is worth a thousand words!”

Although the competition on the current tourism market is almost exclusively focused on prices, we believe that an essential asset of any professional travel agency must be the understanding of the needs of tourists and the concern for the quality of the services offered, which of course include the quality of counselling and advice received from our professionals.

Our best recommendation is the feedback from the tourists who have been with us over the years.
We are happy every time we receive messages of appreciation, and we hope to offer you future travel experiences as pleasant as possible.